In our opinion, an advertising campaign is like a stalled car. If you want to get it rolling it takes a lot of effort (pushing, complaining, groaning etc.). However, once you’ve built momentum, you still have to push, but it takes less effort to get to your destination-until you stop pushing. It may still move forward, but it will eventually come to a complete standstill. If you want to get it moving again, you’ve got to exert as much effort as before.

The same goes for an advertising/marketing campaign. An effective strategy takes time, effort and financial investment. This is necessary to create brand awareness, brand recognition and ultimately brand equity. Once the campaign gets traction with your target market, you are able to spend less-unless you stop. Like the stalled car, all your efforts will eventually be completely undone. Then you’re back to pushing that stalled car-from scratch.

So, that’s it. We believe advertising/marketing is a systematic process that takes time and effort (and some financial investment), to reach your target market, to separate yourself from the competition, and to convince your potential customers/clients that your product or service is the one they should be using. If you agree with this philosophy, please give us call. We are uniquely qualified to be your advertising/marketing partner.