15 Quick and Affordable Marketing Ideas

Creating a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated.   I’ve compiled 15 of the quickest, easiest, in-expensive marketing elements any firm can include in their marketing strategy. 1. Comment on other blogs: Create a list of target clients and other law firms you wish to receive referrals from.   Visit their websites. If they […] Read More

You Are Not Alone!

There was a time when you had enough clients by referrals from present and past clients and fellow attorneys.  But that’s not the case any more.  There is increased competition, and many firms are choosing to advertise or market themselves on television, radio, outdoor billboards and the internet. You want to get your firm’s name […] Read More

There’s No Substitute For Branding

In today’s uncertain and volatile economy, companies must do all they can do to acquire and maintain and clients and customers. And one of the most effective ways of acquiring and maintaining clients and customers is promoting both the firm’s and its employees’ brands. A brand is one of those words, which get tossed around […] Read More