You Are Not Alone!

There was a time when you had enough clients by referrals from present and past clients and fellow attorneys.  But that’s not the case any more.  There is increased competition, and many firms are choosing to advertise or market themselves on television, radio, outdoor billboards and the internet. You want to get your firm’s name out to the public and promote your areas of concentration.  But, how?  You’re busy representing your clients, plus marketing is not your game.  Don’t worry, you are not alone!  ONPOINT, LLC has the experience and expertise to market and promote your firm, effectively, efficiently and economically.  

The solution lies in something you have already created.  Your website.  By converting your website into a dynamic marketing tool, you reinforce your brand, accentuate the differences between your firm and others and convince current, past and potential clients to take advantage of your talents.

Converting Your Website Into An Interactive Marketing Tool is Key

Converting your website into a dynamic marketing tool boils down to one thing—content management.  Providing site viewers with ever-changing relevant, pertinent, educational content.  The advantages of fresh content are:

•   It gives a visitor a reason to return to your site, time and time again.  It also gives them a reason to refer your site to someone they know, who may need  your services.

•   It helps reinforce your firm’s brand as an information source leader in your primary areas of concentration.

•   It greatly enhances your chances of being in the top five firms in a search engine listing, such as Google.

Transforming your current site into one, which will enhance your marketing efforts, centers on these handful of things:

•  Constantly changing articles and information pieces written/edited by staff members on issues affecting  your clients.

•  Videos which allow your potential clients to get to know you and see and hear your passion for representing them.

•   A blog which helps reinforce your brand as an expert in chosen fields of concentration.  It also offers the opportunity to have a discussion with your clients.

How ONPOINT, LLC Can Help You  

ONPOINT, LLC has the experience and expertise to help you transform your website from a digitized version of print materials to an important and effective element in your marketing program.   Among the service we could provide you are:

•  Create a detailed website content management strategy for you.

•   Work with you to create subjects for pieces and write/edit pieces, blogs and/or e-newsletters

•   Create schedule for changes of information pieces on website.

Remember, getting your firm’s name in front of your potential clients is important, more now than ever.  But, you are not alone! ONPOINT, LLC can provide you with the assistance to help make your website an intricate element in your marketing strategy.   If you would like to chat with me about helping you with your website content management, please feel free to contact me at 205-937-1548 or email me at